Just like humans, our pets may also deal with various kinds of illnesses. Most of these illnesses resemble our diseases. However, there are some which are uncommon to humans. We need to know the visible signs of those illnesses so we can treat them right away and prevent additional harm to our pets. Checking our dogs’ health is necessary because some dogs pretend that they are well so they will not appear sick to their owners. If you observe symptoms that your dogs are sick and there’s a change in your pets’ behavior, go to a vet right away to avoid a worse condition.

To keep your dogs well and healthy, you can follow the simple tips below:


Being fat is not only common in humans but in dogs as well. Our dogs will get fat when we feed them more than their bodies need and if we don’t let them have proper exercise. But some factors can also affect your pets’ weight. Like humans, carbohydrates in our dogs’ food can also make them obese. For that reason, vets recommend that you stop giving your pets foods with grains.


To prevent this, always check your pets’ weight regularly. To give them exercise, you can do outdoor activities with your dogs like walking or playing. Ask your vet for any food recommendations to prevent your dogs from getting obese.


Mosquito bites cause this infection. Heartworm is a risk for your pets’ well-being because the worms will live in the vessels that are connecting the lungs and the heart. This disease can be deadly since this can block the blood vessels inside your dogs’ bodies.

You can prevent this disease from happening by giving your dogs the right meds and meat-flavored tablets on a monthly basis. You may also provide them with annual vaccines, and have them undergo yearly worm screening.

Oral diseases

Your dogs can have oral inflammation due to poor hygiene. If you do not treat it right away, your dogs can have gum diseases that can cause a bacterial infection which can damage their hearts, kidneys, and liver.

You can prevent this by brushing your dogs’ teeth often. You can also buy them toys to chew on that will make their teeth clean. And annual teeth cleaning with the vet is a must to keep their mouths disease-free.

Arthritis and joint pains

Arthritis is a disease that is caused by the swelling of the joints. It can make your dogs feel uneasy and aching. It is also hard for them to walk or stand. It usually occurs in senior dogs, but younger ones can get this too if they are receiving inaccurate nourishment and insufficient exercise.

Ways to prevent this are:

  • Don’t give them foods like corn, dairy products, and toxic products.
  • Give them vitamins for calcium, magnesium, and zinc.
  • Have a regular exercise with your pets.
  • Exercise and proper diet are needed to control their weight.
  • Always give them fresh food that doesn’t contain grains.


This disease is an effect of low insulin hormones in your dogs. It is often caused by inherited genes, being overweight and unusual protein accumulation.

Right nutrition, exercise and keeping the ideal weight for your pet are some of the ways to prevent this from happening.

Ear infection

This disease happens when a bacteria or virus affects your dogs’ ears. Ear infection can be caused by allergies and by having too much hair in their ears as well.

To avoid this:

  • Always inspect your dogs’ ears if there are unusual excretions.
  • Clean their ears softly if they are dirty.
  • If their ears are wet, dry them carefully.
  • Shave excessive hairs near the ears.




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