Growing up with a pet is a life-altering experience. It teaches responsibility, friendship, and many other things to little kids – values that they take with them while growing up.

However, growing up also means leaving pets behind when life calls for it. This is exactly what happened to Ellie Haworth and her dog, Percy.

Ellie recently graduated high school and had to leave home to go off to college. This meant she had to be away from home during the academic year.


This also meant she had to say goodbye to her dog for some time. Because they grew up together, going away for college for a few months would be the longest they would be apart.

The separation was hard for both Ellie and Percy, which is why when she finally had the chance to come home, Ellie made sure to bond with Percy as much as she can.

One morning, Ellie took Percy out for a walk as they normally do. This is the first time again after she left for university.

While strolling, Ellie noticed Percy was not being his usual self. Percy would normally be busy being curious of his surroundings, exploring the path and smelling everything they pass by. This time, however, it was entirely different.

Percy was instead busy gazing at Ellie.

Ellie, of course, was touched by this innocent and loving gesture. Luckily, she was able to capture Percy’s gaze on video. Watch the moving video below:

Percy must have been thinking about how much he missed Ellie’s face and presence that he just had to stare to take it all in.

After several days, however, Ellie would have to be away again for college. But this time she has this adorable video of her beloved dog to remind her that someone will always be waiting for her to come home for good.

Photos and video courtesy of Ellie Haworth via Twitter.




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