First aid kits are essential so that we can easily cure minor illnesses and wounds that can happen in our homes. A first aid kit can lessen the chances of infection or the seriousness of the injuries. This should not just be for humans but for your dog as well.

Here are the essential things that should be in your dog’s first aid kit:

Medical papers and emergency contact details

These documents are necessary so we will know the right numbers to call during an emergency. You need to have emergency contact information and medical papers in your first aid kit just in case the vet will need your dogs’ medical history. Put it in a specific area where you can easily find them.


Recommended creams


You should have the prescribed cream inside your first aid kit, so if your dogs get red spots or bumps on their skin, you can put remedy right away.


Dogs become aggressive when they are in pain. If your dogs are suffering from illness, it can make them assertive. You can use muzzles to prevent your dogs from biting anyone if they become aggressive.

Dogs’ e-collars

You can use this item to make your dogs behave accordingly, especially if they are in training and they don’t focus on the lessons. E-collars can also keep your dogs stay in the yard and prevent them from running away when you have your attention on something else.

Thermometer and alcohol

The average body temperature of dogs is 38 degree Celsius. You can use the thermometer to check your dog’s temperature if they feel unwell. The thermometer should be inserted in the anus to get the accurate temperature. Use alcohol to clean the thermometer before and after using it.

Saline solution

There are multiple uses of this product, and one of them is to clean cuts and bruises. This solution can prevent bacteria from infecting the wound.

Sterilized gauge, bandage,  and scissors

These items are commonly found inside a medicine kit. These are very useful for sprain, simple cuts or wounds. Just make it sure that these are sterilized before putting them inside the first aid kit.

Insect sprays, anti-fungus and wound spray

Before you get yourself and your dogs going on some outdoors activity like hiking or swimming, you need to have these sprays readily available. These sprays will keep mosquitoes or any other harmful insects away from you and your dogs as they could bite your dogs and even you.

Wound spray is used for cleansing wounds and to help sores heal faster.

Eyedroppers or an empty syringe without a needle

These materials are used for giving medications to your pets – be it oral medicine or through injection. You can also use these to remove certain bacteria found in wounds.

Towels and blankets

These items will give you and your dogs the comfort that you need to keep you clean and warm. You can use towels to dry yourselves when you get wet. Blankets can be used to give you warmth during cold weather.



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