Adopting a pet is a responsibility and requires patience, love, and care. The happiness and joy it brings come with a price of messy toys, pee and poop everywhere in the house. Pet owners should provide their dogs with a complete and balanced meal together with their dog’s daily exercise.

With these many responsibilities, having a dog also has many benefits for the owner such as improved health condition, lower mental stress, and a happier life. This article will prove that having a dog is a smart choice.

Improved health condition

Having a dog at home can help improve your health condition in many aspects such as preventing health issues. Having a dog will require you to walk your dog daily or at least play with them at home. Pet owners that walk their dog also gets the exercise their need to improve their health.


With the exercise, they get when they walk their dog, they maintain good coordination of their body and help to regulate their homeostasis. Having a dog will keep you active and can help you lose weight.

Besides having a regular exercise, having a dog can also help heal your heart. Dogs can help improve your heart condition because dogs gave them happiness and joy. They are more likely to live a happy and longer life compared to those who do not have a dog at home.

Dogs can be their owner’s medicine. Their playfulness and the joy they give can help their owners heal naturally and prevent health issues.

Some persons are allergic to dog hair which can hinder them from getting a dog at home. However, having a dog can actually help them with their allergies. When children are exposed to dogs at a long time, they are less likely to develop allergies when they grow old. The prolonged exposure makes them resilient to the allergen.

Lower mental stress

Having a dog also helps to lessen their owner’s psychological stress. The happiness they bring to their family can be helpful to ease the sick feeling in their stressful time. The love and affection they give can improve the mental health of their owners.

On a more important note, your interaction with your dog triggers the release of hormones that make us feel good such as serotonin. This phenomenon is one proof that having a dog at home makes us happier.

Happier life

Dogs can also benefit your kids concerning their cognitive, social and motor development. Interactive plays with dogs can help train their skills in communicating with others.

Not only for children but having a dog can also help to improve the social skills of adults. With their dog, they have to get out more because they should take their dogs to walk outside.

It is widely known that dogs are very loyal to their owners. They are indeed their best friend. The bond and relationship you made with your dog is for a lifetime and can be cherished forever. They make us laugh and smile, and in return, we should take care of them always.



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