Dogs should also have exercise regularly. This will ensure a healthy life ahead of him but should also be combined with a complete and balanced meal. However, on rainy seasons, having a walk outside or playing out in the backyard is not an option.

Being indoors should not hinder your dog to have their daily exercise. Pet owners should devise games and activities that will make their dog physically active indoors. The following are games that can exercise your dog on the rainy season.


This game stimulates your dog’s physical and mental abilities. Tug-o-War does not require an outdoor location thus can be played indoors during rainy days. This game only uses a tug toy, or if you don’t have one, a customized tug toy made from t-shirts or towels can do.


This game also helps you teach your dog good manners and impulse control. Dogs are taught that the game will end if their teeth touch their owner’s hand. In this way, they can develop good behavior.

Tugging, contrary to others, can actually teach your dog to be more obedient rather than being aggressive. This will improve their confidence rather than making them more dominant.

Indoor agility games

This game, as the name suggests, can be played indoors but require more room to play for the obstacle course to be placed. Household items can be used in making the course, and the difficulty can be the same as if they are playing outdoors.

This game will enhance their ability to focus and will stimulate their minds. Indoor agility games can teach your dogs new skills such as jumping over and crawling under. You can improvise and should be creative in producing the obstacle course.

Trick training

In this game, pet owners teach their dog basic skills such as sitting, staying, laying down, coming and many more. They can also teach their dogs more difficult skills such as picking up their toys and fetching. These tricks are not difficult to teach and are easy for the dogs to understand.

Chasing bubbles

This game can make your dog your dog busy, entertained and exercised during the rainy season. As the name suggests, in this game, dogs will chase the bubbles for a specified period. However, pet owners should make sure that the bubbles they will buy are non-toxic.

Kong stuffing

The Kong you will be using in this approach should be non-toxic and indestructible so that it will be safe for your dogs to use. Stuffed Kong will keep your dog busy and entertained on rainy seasons. This approach is also mentally stimulating for dogs.

Stuffed Kong is made usually with peanut butter or low sodium broth. After preparing, the stuffed Kong should be frozen overnight.


During the rainy season, you cannot walk your dog or play outside with your dog because it is messy and can be a little dangerous. Therefore, pet owners should engage their dogs to games that can make them physically active even if they inside their homes. These games are fun and will keep them busy during rainy days.



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