To say that dog is man’s best friend is an understatement. These furry friends provide comfort during moments of weakness, protection when there’s a threat, and relief from stress during toxic work days. When trained properly, dogs can also take on some tasks at home to lighten the workload.

It’s fun to have a dog in the house, but it poses a challenge when it comes to keeping the house clean and orderly. Fortunately, a lot of generous souls from different parts of the world have shared tips in keeping the dog’s materials organized.

Doggie treats and food

The key to organizing treats and food for your dog is to put all of them in one place. If space is an issue, you can buy containers that are stackable or convert an old cabinet or dresser and turn it into a food station for your dog. You don’t have to buy one because you can make one – just follow the instructions available online.


Supplies for walking


You can use hooks to organize collars, harnesses, leashes, and other supplies used to walk dogs. It’s best to hang these walking supplies near the door so you can just grab one before heading out with your furry friend. Toss in a few towels so you can wipe the mud off your dog’s paws before going back inside the house.

Supplies for grooming your dog

A basket comes in handy when organizing your dog’s brushes, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and nail dremel. If you have a closet where you put all your bathroom supplies, you can also put your dog’s grooming kit there. Note, however, that this only works for dogs that require minimal grooming.

If your furry friend requires plenty of grooming supplies, you may want to invest in a multiple-pocket hanging organizer so you can file everything accordingly. You can also use a caddy, or a shelf that will compliment your home’s interiors.

Dog’s documents

More than anything, you need to compile all of your dog’s documents (from certification all the way down to vaccination records) in one folder. If you have a lot of dogs, it would be best to put labels on each folder and put everything inside a filing cabinet.

You need to develop the habit of organizing your dog’s documents weekly because it will be difficult to keep track of everything in the future. Place all the folders or the filing cabinet in a location that’s easy to access and get a hold of when the need arises.

Your dog’s medical supplies should be placed near where the dog’s documents are so you can keep track of all your dog’s health needs. If you intend to put it in the medicine cabinet alongside medications from humans, make sure that these are placed in a different container.

Organizing your dog’s toys and supplies does not have to be a burden. If your dog’s toys, clothes, and other supplies no longer spark joy, you can give them to other dog owners.



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