Dogs get attached to their owners easily, and they get attached intensely. Every time their owner leaves the house and they are left alone, dogs have the tendency to wait for them to come back and stare at the door for hours.

Attachment is the main problem of 15-year-old Shorty.

Shorty grew up with his owner Marc Peralta, who got him from a shelter and has been with him for eleven years. Throughout the years, they have grown together and are basically inseparable. However, with the pug’s age, being inseparable is posing a problem.


Marc Peralta and his wife Kristen run a home for old dogs called Vintage Pet Rescue. The job requires Marc to travel a lot, thus leaving Shorty home for some time. Every time Marc leaves, Shorty would be left crying and barking all day and not even Kristen can console him.

Kristen then thought of something creative to help poor Shorty.

Although skeptical, Kirsten ordered a life-sized human dummy. She then dressed it in one of Marc’s shirts.

She had the dummy sat down on the sofa, and then she put Shorty down on the dummy’s lap, not expecting anything to happen. Surprisingly, the pug fell asleep and was calm for the whole night, wrapped around the arms of dummy Marc.

The dummy not only served its purpose on Shorty but to the other rescued dogs as well. Bug, a younger dog than Shorty, was almost convinced that the dummy was a real person that he would tug on its hands as if telling him to play with him.

Soon enough, the dummy became a completely new addition to the rescue house. There are nights when there would be five dogs huddled around it, asleep.

The real Marc, although not completely happy with being “replaced”, can now leave the house at peace knowing that Shorty finally found a way to cope with the distance.

Photos courtesy of the Peralta’s via the Vintage Pet Rescue Facebook Page.



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