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Strange things happen everywhere. Most of the time, the strange case would be things not being where they are supposed to be.

A solid example of this is Rufio, a pit bull puppy. A neighborhood resident found him on top of a roof in one of the houses in the Phoenix community.


The good Samaritan, upon noticing the puppy, did not hesitate to call the Arizona Humane Society to ask for help in rescuing Rufio. Rufio was running around the roof, which made the anonymous Samaritan rush into seeking help.

When the Arizona Humane Society volunteers arrived, they prepared themselves for a situation wherein a dog would be in a scared and shocked state. However, this was not the case. Rufio was instead very happy to see them, wagging his tail non-stop and running around in joy.

Upon realizing that one of the respondents, Andy Gallo, started climbing up the roof to join him, Rufio lit up even more. He then welcomed Gallo to the roof with a hug. It was obvious however that he was confused on why the humans were trying to get him off the roof when he was having a blast up there.

Several hugs and belly rubs later, Gallo was able to get Rufio to the side of the roof just enough to turn him over to the other respondent, Jenna Moffitt. When Gallo joined him again, on the ground this time, Rufio got excited all over again. He started to lick his face and jump around Gallo.

Watch Rufio’s whole documented rescue here:

Untold Tails of Survival: 2/21/19

Nobody knows how this super sweet and wiggly 9-month-old Pittie pup got onto this roof, but we sure are glad that a Good Samaritan called us for help! He has since been named Rufio and is being treated and loved on in AHS' trauma hospital. Great work to EAMT™s Andy and Jenna for another safe and successful rescue!Follow along here on our Facebook page each week for #UntoldTailsofSurvival, rescue videos courtesy of AHS' lifesaving teams and programs.

Posted by Arizona Humane Society on Thursday, February 21, 2019

No one knows how Rufio got to the roof, but it appears like the pit bull was a stray dog. After his rescue, Rufio was brought to the Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital to be checked and groomed before being turned over to the Society officially.

Rufio, as described by the other volunteers at the hospital and the shelter, was a very sweet pup who seems to love everyone and would greet anyone with warmth and wagging tails.

It was not long before Rufio got adopted, which came as no shock considering how adorable the dog is.

We thank The Dodo for the story and the Arizona Humane Society for the video.



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