Losing weight is a hard journey – not just for humans, but for dogs too.

This is Snuffy, an eight-year-old beagle. The heaviest she has ever been being 65 pounds – three times the regular size of her breed, which is 23 pounds on average.


In four months, Snuffy has now lost almost 25 pounds.

She was previously owned by an elderly couple who spoiled her with treats of sliced ham. Snuffy’s eating habits clearly did not have any control, which is why she reached 65 pounds. With the age of her previous owners, Snuffy was obviously lacking in exercise and activity.

When her owners had to move, Snuffy was left to Caroline Webster, a veterinary assistant in the clinic where the elderly couple would take her before.

Snuffy could barely move when Caroline started taking care of her. Movement from her arms and legs were minimal, making even scratching such a chore.

Caroline knew she had to do something for Snuffy to be healthy. She started by fixing Snuffy’s diet and making a feeding schedule for her.

They also arranged a regular daily exercise. Caroline and Snuffy would walk a mile together every day, including the struggle of going up her apartment which is on the third floor of the building.

And so began Snuffy’s transformation. After four months, he is now able to scratch on her own, climb three flights of stairs without panting, and finish one mile a day without having to catch her breath every few minutes.

Now that she’s doing well, Caroline gave her back her snacking privileges. She now gets to snack five times a week.

With her changed body, Snuffy is now as active as other beagles. She now enjoys running after other animals and feels as if she is back to being a puppy.

Photos courtesy of Caroline Webster via Instagram.





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