A dog will always know who his owner is. Being lost is one of the saddest moments anyone can ever go through. Jingu is a dog who was lost in a park.

Since then, he has been waiting for his owner to come back and get him. There are a couple of people who have lost their dogs too, and they look like him. Posters were even posted about their dogs.

But every time they would call out to the waiting dog, he would never respond. He would even run away when he is approached. He knows who his owner is and none of them were him.


He has been waiting at the same spot for quite a while, always looking at people as if he is looking for someone. And he was. He just could not find him.

People have been concerned for his welfare, so animal control set up a way to catch him. Once they were able to, they brought him to the shelter. Even there, there were a couple of people who were hopeful that he could be their dog.

Yet none of them were. He would continue to avoid them. Then the day that he has been waiting for finally came.

While he was eating, his name was called. He immediately looked up, and when he saw who it was, his tail could not stop wagging.

He was kissing this grandfather’s hands like there was no tomorrow. He finally found his owner and they have finally reunited. Jingu can eventually come home.

With the number of people that tried to call him and see if he is their lost pet, Jingu knows who he belongs to. This once-lost dog is not lost anymore.

Jingu is now home, where he belongs.


Source The Dodo via YouTube



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