Sarah Varley has seen this wolf dog’s picture on Instagram. The wolf-dog has been injured and left in a vet clinic. Indigo was run over by a car and is unable to walk.

Varley’s heart broke and knew she needed to help the dog out. When she visited the dog, her legs were obviously deformed, and she can’t even move them. Indigo has been through so much trauma in his life.

The dog went into surgery and had these two pink casts. When Varley visited again after the surgery, the dog happily greeted her. It was such a sight to see how she trusts Varley.


Varley has been worked in a wolf dog sanctuary, so she knows how to handle Indigo. She knew she needed to find Indigo a proper home, but is unable to find one that she knows will be able to take care of him properly.

Somehow, Indigo is pulling at Varley’s heartstrings. She couldn’t resist the looks that Indigo was giving her, so she gave in. She adopted Indigo.

Indigo has two siblings, Nymeria and Diesel. These two took time to adapt to the wolf-dog, but it was Nymeria who played with him first. For Diesel, it took some time as this was a grumpy old dog.

But eventually, all three got along just fine, and they treat themselves as siblings. Indigo has surprised Varley as he is so open to other people. When Varley takes him on walks, Indigo would roll on his back to have his belly rubbed by some random stranger.

That’s how open and trusting Indigo he is. Indigo surely has a long way to go for his recovery, but his progress looks very promising. Indigo is such an exceptional dog that it is difficult not to fall in love with this creature.

Source The Dodo via YouTube



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