As much as you love your dog, your household is bound to change once there’s a human baby on the way. However, these changes need not mean that your dog suffers from neglect.

Fairly divide your time and attention

Sure, your newborn baby requires all of your time and focus from this point on. This goes without saying that you should avoid making your canine companion feel unwanted or neglected. One common mistake committed by new parents who happen to be dog owners is showering their dog affection and attention only when their baby is not in sight.

What this communicates to your dog is that they have to compete with your baby. It tells them that the only way they’ll get you to notice them is when the baby is not around. You are turning your dog against your newborn when they could be the best of friends.


Here balance is key. Divide your time and attention between your newborn and your canine friend fairly.

Know how canine body language works

This does not only you mean that you research on the subject. More importantly you have to observe your dog first hand. Not all dogs will share the same body language. Your pet sure has their own quirks in movement.

This is important for safety reasons. You should know when your pet is turning aggressive just by looking at their body and their movement. You do not want to be meet with this aggression when your baby is in the room.

Introduce baby sounds to your dog

Your dog must be desensitized to infant sounds so they don’t panic or stress out over these sounds. Do this as early as possible, weeks or months prior to your newborn’s actual arrival in your household. Expose your dog to CDs or videos of baby noises, from laughing to crying babies.

Keep the nursery off-limits to your dog 

Dogs are prone to jumping onto people and furniture. You do not want this to happen with your baby or their crib as the recipient of your dog’s excited jumps. To prevent these scenarios from occurring, be steadfast on your off-limits rule.

Have an updated contact list of dog walkers and other dog experts

There will come a time when you’ll get too busy juggling your profession and raising your newborn that you’ll find less and less time to devote to your canine friend. This can lead to your negligence of their specific needs, from regular exercise to consistent meal schedules.

When it gets too hectic, you can always ask the help of dog professionals like dog trainers and walkers. These people are trained in what they do and you cannot go wrong paying for their services. But remember that no matter how convenient these services are, you must still schedule some time specifically for your canine friend.

You must remember that you chose to have them in your life and the arrival of your human baby is never a forgivable excuse for canine negligence.



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