In Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada, there’s a day care center for dogs where human parents bring their beloved fur babies.

Rachel Hagett and Wayne Devoe founded Good Hands Boarding Kennels, a place where dogs can play and socialize. This couple got their inspiration from a regular children’s daycare center where parents bring their kids when they need to be at work or when no one will watch their children.

Because Rachel and Wayne love dogs the same way they love children, they thought of a boarding school concept for those lovable four-legged creatures.


The daycare doesn’t teach dogs letters and numbers, but instead, you will see adorable dogs enjoying the daycare’s amenities such as trampoline, see-saw, tetherball, giant sling-shot, ball pit, sand pit, and even a swimming pool! 

This boarding school also celebrate birthdays and holidays, which makes this place extra special for the dogs. 

Apart from its wonderful daycare concept, what made Good Hands Boarding Kennels brilliant is that they have a school bus to bring the dogs to the daycare as well as take them home.

According to Rachel, they already decided to buy a van. However, things changed when she saw a yellow bus for sale online. This yellow bus made her imagine the dogs riding it just like children going to school. Well, who doesn’t want to see those charming fellows board their very own school bus? That’s just really awesome!

The school bus can accommodate up to 10 dogs at a time, and placed safely inside crates during the trip. Some dogs even wear backpacks, because their human parents want their pets to really feel the school spirit. Inside their bags are food and blankets for their naps. 

Watch these dogs enjoy their school bus and daycare experience:

Source: CBC Nova Scotia via YouTube

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